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用ChoCE sB toDosth造句

1. It is necessary for sB. to do sth. (It is necessary that ...) ... 是必须的;必须... 2. Determine sb. to do sth. 使某人决定做某事 3. Used to encourage sb to do sth he is hesitating to do 用以在某人迟疑时鼓励他去做某事 4. induc...

用appealed to sb to do sth造句 He appealed to us to protect the environment

造句:My father promised me to buy a smartphone for my eighteenth birthday. 翻译:爸爸答应/承诺给我买台智能手机作为我的十八岁生日礼物。

use sth to do sth 用某物来做某事 we use the water to clean the car. 我们用水清洗汽车。

My boss requested me to finish my work before next monday.我老板要求我下周末前把工作完成。 He requested me to stop smoking. 他要求我停止吸烟。

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