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Apply To 适合,适用于…,向…提出申请 apply for 申请,请求,要求…

apply to sb for sth:指向某人申请某物 例如:I’m applying to the Beijing University for the fellowship. 我在向北京大学申请奖学金

apply for sth./apply(sb.) to doing sth.一般不用apply for doing


二个都可以使用,语义不同; They may apply to join the organization. 申请做sth,等于apply for sth apply something to 【doing】something 二个意义; The new technology was applied to farming.表示运用、应用于--; We applied our min...

apply to sth.的中文翻译 apply to sth. 申请某物


1.apply sth to sth/doing sth 把某物运用到另一物上。 如: Youcan’t apply this rule to every case. 你不能将这条规则运用到所有的情况。 In this way we can better apply theory to practice. 这样我们就能更好地把理论运用到实践中去。 2....

apply表示应用的意思一定和to连用 apply sth (to sth) make practical use of sth 运用, 应用某事物: The results of this research can be applied to new developments in technology. 这项研究成果能应用於新的技术开发方面. apply (to sb/st...

apply 英音:[ə'plai] 美音:[ə'plaɪ] 及物动词 vt. 1.涂,敷;将...铺在表面[(+to)] The nurse applied the ointment to the wound. 护士把药膏敷到伤口上。 2.应用;实施[(+to)] We should apply both theories in the language c...

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