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是buy sth. for sb. 固定搭配 类似的还有 order sth for sb get sth for sb take sth for sb 基本上只要是买东西的都是跟介词for

用to的话,表示做某事给某人,如I bought a bag to my mother.(我买了一个包给我母亲)(本来没有打算) 用for的话,表示为了某人而做某事,如I bought a bag for my mother. (我为了母亲,买了一个包给她)(有目的)

be busy with [英][bi: ˈbizi wið][美][bi ˈbɪzi wɪð] 忙于; 从事; 例句: 1. He will be busy with exams next summer, but in a week when unemployment among theuk's youth rose to its highest level since 1...

主要做及物动词,有时也做不及物动词,后面常接双宾语,间接宾语通常放在直接宾语之后,用介词连接. buysthforsb=buysbsth:给某人买某物 buysthfromsomeplace:从某地买某物

be busy to do sth.和be busy doing的区别: 1)be busy doing :忙于做(某事 ) He is busy doing his homework. 他正忙着做家庭作业。 We are busy getting ready for this exam。 我们正忙着为这次考试做准备。 2)一般用法是be too busy to...

be busy doing sth 其实也可以是 be busy (in) doing sth.意为忙于做某事. 例:I'm busy (in) doing my home work. be busy to do sth.如果是 be too busy to do sth. 那就是too...to...结构了,可以这样用,太忙了以至于不能干什么. 但是如果没有...

be busy doing (sth.)忙于做(某事),doing 前省略了in,整个短语相当于be busy with sth.忙于某事。《高阶牛津》找不到be busy to do这种用法(即目前这种用法不被大家认可)。


区别: be busy to do sth.(一般没有这个语法,只能说too busy doing sth,太忙以至于无法做某事)和be busy doing的意思正好相反。 1)too busy doing sth,太忙以至于无法做某事 Indemittedly, most of the time you will be too busy doing thing...

一般用for,不用to; to:通常是存在的东西 for:通常是不存在的东西,经过付出才能得到 please give the phone to me, 把那个电话给我 please give the kite to me. 把风筝给我 please make a kite for me. 给我做个风筝 I buy a kite for you. ...

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